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The word “Ark” in the original Hebrew means... restoration box, life preserver or place of refuge! That’s what we are believing for as we launch The Ark Church here on the Gold Coast. We will be a Bible teaching and believing church. A church that will always teach on the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. We believe in the five fold ministry, and the working out of the full gifts of the spirit. Our hearts are to show the love of The Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that The Lord has placed upon our hearts to have a church home with a difference. A place where those that may not have been able to find themselves in a traditional church environment. We know all too well what trauma and heartbreak is all about having founded At The Ark Inc. a ministry that assists families dealing with child sexual abuse and domestic and family violence. If you would like to find out more or feel that you would like to be involved in what we are doing please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Pastor’s Simon and Xenia Schembri

our pastors:
Simon & Xenia Schembri

Lead Pastors


Ph: 0430521323

Simon and Xenia are the founders of the ministry/charity, At The Ark Inc. This ministry is a charity that has been set up to support families whose children have been sexually abused and families that are impacted by domestic and family violence. Also, to equip organisations such as churches and families, on protection and prevention of child abuse. Xenia is an international author of 4 books the first 3, of which, were written to empower families, educators and other professionals to teach self-protective behaviours to this and future generations.


She has also written, Broken To Be Beautiful, her story that describes the background to her current ministry. It is her story of how she navigated her way through 15 years of a domestic violent marriage and how she rediscovered who she is through Christ to become a warrior for the voiceless.  She has also written an eBook, available free on the website www.attheark.org.au which gives advice and instructions on how to protect children. Xenia is originally from Weston-Super-Mare in the UK and moved to Australia in 2010. Xenia is also a qualified counsellor. Simon has been in ministry for more than 20 years both here in Australia and in the UK. He has worked in Christian media in both countries.

At The Ark was set up because Xenia’s children were sexually abused by their natural father, a man that had been very abusive to Xenia throughout her married life to him. They very quickly discovered that there was little support for the family holistically, and they wanted to support others going through similar circumstances. They realised that they were incredibly blessed to have a faith in a good God who supported them in every situation and provided for them in every way. God’s grace through this time was incredible and they knew that they had something special. Did God show up and change what had happened? No, but he did show up and was with them every step of the way.


Now, many years later, their faith journey has been blessed and they have walked into the calling that God has laid for them. Through their ministry and as ordained pastors through Minister Fellowship International they travel around Australia and the world sharing their hearts for the prevention and protection of innocent children who need to know that they are loved and cherished, and to bring healing and hope into an adult’s world of brokenness.


To book Simon and Xenia for a speaking engagement or to find out some more information about their One in Five Child Safety Workshops or seminars email xene@attheark.org.au or phone 1300 504 501

our elders:
Mark & Lee Stiles